Between 1946 and 1977, more modern homes were designed and constructed in Piscataway Park than anywhere else in Southern Maryland. While each modern home in Piscataway Park is unique in design, all embrace common characteristics of modernism for their time (i.e., low-pitched roofs, walls of windows, post and beam construction). To date, the designs of more than 10 different architects are represented in Piscataway Park.

  1. Charles F. Wagner (1909-1998)images
  2. Charles M. Goodman (1906-1992)Goodman
  3. Casper Samuel Neer (1921-1981)
  4. Charles F.D. Egbert (information pending)
  5. Clarence Williams (information pending)
  6. Albert Carl Koch (1912-1998)
  7. Deck House Company (information pending)
  8. McInturff Architects
  9. Cap Schaeffer (information pending)

More to come…